Oxygen Concentrator

Oxygen Concentrator a Knight in COVID-19 Pandemic​

The Oxygen Concentrators become a life savior in  second wave of COVID-19 pandemic. We were witnessing people suffering due to a shortage of oxygen cylinders stocks. The Oxygen concentrators become a demanding life-saving device in the fight against the deadly COVID-19.

In the pandemic, people were struggling and trying hard to manage oxygen cylinders available for their patients. With the unavailability of Oxygen Cylinders in the market, Portable Oxygen Concentrators have become the most reliable solution to provide oxygen supply at home for patients suffering respiratory problems without needing to be replaced or refilled. Oxygen Concentrators are supplemental oxygen and it should only be used upon a doctor’s prescription. If you are planning to purchase an oxygen concentrator then buy the Power Backup for Oxygen Concentrator in case of emergency. At Coolnut we have a huge range of the Best Portable Oxygen Concentrator, you can check out our competitive prices of 5-liter Oxygen Concentrator and 10-liter Oxygen concentrators with top-quality power backups.

The work process of Oxygen Concentrators –

The working of Oxygen concentrators is the same as an oxygen cylinder. The innovative oxygen concentrator is a medical device that concentrates oxygen from ambient air. Our Atmosphere holds about 21% oxygen and 78% nitrogen, with other gases making up the remaining 1%. The Oxygen concentrators absorb air from near the surrounding atmosphere and remove unwanted gases and concentrate oxygen, and then blow it through a pipe so that patients with respiratory issues can breathe pure oxygen. The oxygen concentrators can supply five to ten liters of oxygen per minute.

Advantage of Oxygen Concentrators –

The vital advantage of oxygen concentrators is that they are portable, do not require refilling frequently as oxygen cylinders, it can run 24X7 with a power source, unlike oxygen tanks. All these qualities make Oxygen Concentrator a knight in the COVID-19 Pandemic.

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